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We have all new equipment in our "rustic-industrial" facility, with equipment ranging from free weights, machinery, and an entire outdoor turf area.


The Scrapyard Story

Drew played football at Aynor High school where he held the position of middle linebacker and fullback. He was committed to play football at The Citadel however due to a back injury he was unable to play. Through his football career he developed a love for personal fitness and weight training. His dream has always been to open a gym in Aynor, SC to help local youth and community members reach their fitness goals by teaching proper techniques.

His dream came true by opening The Scrapyard.

What to Expect

Gym owner Drew Shelley and our other certified instructors Marti & Taylor will be onsite to teach classes, and instruct members on the proper use of the equipment to avoid injury and help reach each individuals personal goals.


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